On May 3, the first Give Big Kern Day will take place, celebrating a day of giving to local nonprofits in Kern County.

Give Big Kern Day is being hosted by the Kern Community Foundation to increase the visibility of nonprofits and help raise charity support.

“Give Big Kern Day is an umbrella campaign that encourages philanthropy for all nonprofit organizations in Kern County and encourages community members to find the cause that they care about,” said Rachel Evey, Kern Community Foundation’s coordinator of development and donor services.

For 24 hours on May 3, residents will have a chance to make an online donation to nonprofits or charities of their interest.

They will do so by going to givebigkern.org. An account or profile does not need to be created – just select “Pledge My Donation” and search for the nonprofit of your choice to donate to.

Donations can be given through PayPal, by using a credit card, or by a giving card. The minimum donation amount is $10 and there is no maximum donation for any of the 81 participating nonprofits.

The foundation came up with the idea as a chance for everyone in the community to come together to make a big difference.

Karen Goh, president and CEO of Garden Pathways – one of the participating nonprofits of the event – addressed her enthusiasm.

“We want to unite together to encourage the support of all the good charities that are in our community and speak as one voice to make our community better,” she said.
Meanwhile, Hoffmann Hospice, which provides special care for someone when a cure is no longer realistic, is excited to be a featured charity in the group.

“The smallest amounts can actually add up and make a humongous difference for everyone involved,” Robin Woodward, director of development for Hoffmann Hospice, said. “Somebody who gives even the smallest amount is going to have an impact not just on one organization but on the whole county.”

Although the event is an online-driven activity, Kern Community Foundation President and CEO Kristen Barnes will kick off the event at the Liberty Bell May 3. Mayor Harvey Hall is expected to attend as well as other supporters.

An evening gathering is also planned that night at the Padre Hotel.

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