This country was built on the concept of the American Dream. Americans have always aspired to better their lives and most importantly, the lives of the generation to come. From the earliest days of the United States, a big part of that dream has always been to have a place to hang one’s hat. Besides fulfilling a lifelong desire, home ownership has a wide lasting effect on the individuals who achieve it.

Increased Family Health

According to a recent report by the National Association of Realtors, there is a strong correlation between an unstable housing environment and health problems. These could include breathing difficulties associated with asthma or mental health issues. Renters are often more susceptible to physical injuries and exposure to toxic substances. Studies also show that individuals who have recently become homeowners experience improved vitality and self-esteem, further boosting health.

Financial Improvement

Any economics experts can tell you that owning a home is one of the smartest financial moves a person can make. As long as an individual obtains a home within their economic reach, their financial prospects will grow. As a family pays their mortgage, the equity on their home rises. Tax deductions from owning a home also increase the cash flow within the household. Not to mention that paying a mortgage fosters a practice of saving, since that is what the payment is essentially making a homeowner do.

Part of a Community

Needless to say, home ownership also builds a sense of pride within the owner. Their new pride extends to their neighborhood, as residents begin to adopt a personal identity to the area they call home. A sense of community motivates residents to actively participate in its improvement. For these reasons, Habitat feels it is vital to extend the opportunity of homeownership to individuals who want to improve their lives. Not only as a personal benefit to them and their families but to society as a whole. It is only after a person stops worrying about the necessities that they can change their focus to their fellow man and provide a safe and successful future for the generations to come. This is not merely an American ideal, but a worldwide aspiration.

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